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Welcome Aboard

Welcome aboard LM01, the inaugural flight of Air Les Mills.
We hope you're going to enjoy travelling with us on Friday 15 May. Below is your itinerary so you know what to expect, and what we can promise is that you'll have lots of fun.

After passing through security (Caroline) you'll be ably looked after by your hand-picked crew of hot hostesses - Lisa, Emma and Dhalia - with co-pilot Jen and your captain, Guy. There'll be complimentary food and beverages provided throughout the flight and while we expect you to have a good time there's to be no mile-high club "mingling"...

Upon arrival at check-in you'll be handed your personal boarding pass with allocated seat number, and the gates will open at approximately 4.30pm.

Lastly, we know you have a choice, so thank you for flying with us.

Your captain & crew,

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Flight LM01, Friday 15 May

16.30 Gates open, Security checks
16.40 Boarding, complimentary drinks
16.45 Safety briefing from crew
16.50 Meals served, In-flight entertainment begins
17.45 Prepare for descent, flight crew to disarm doors
18.00 Land

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Boarding Pass

-17 °C

Boarding_pass.jpgUpon arrival at check-in you will receive your Boarding Pass (like the one above). Please check for accuracy before you board as border security has been known to cause delays due to incorrect documentation.

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In Flight Entertainment

In your flight today we'll be showing that well-known movie, Airplane. As with all our flights, screening will begin after complimentary drinks are served, but we will ask that when seated you keep your seatbelt on at all times in case of unexpected turbulence.

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LM01 Crew

Caroline - Security
Lisa, Dahlia, Emma – Hostesses
Jen - Co-pilot
Guy – Captain

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